Where are the leaders?

The city of Berkeley needs new student trailblazers. The two competing proposals for a new student district both have passionate advocates. At this week’s meeting, the City Council voted to do a staff analysis of the United Student District Amendment, an alternative district map submitted a few months ago. That
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Student district needs input from all students

On Sept. 10, Berkeley City Council is set to make a historic vote on a student district. The City Council has already expressed its approval of the creation of such a district, so the question we face is what would it look like? One would expect such a district would
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Cal students need a voice

Redistricting director explains student district implications

UC Berkeley students are on the verge of achieving a dream decades in the making. On May 7, Berkeley City Council chose to narrow the field of submitted redistricting proposals from seven to two — one of which was proposed by the Berkeley Student District Campaign. Established three years ago
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