Forced to forge a new path

Most people don’t know that when I arrived at UC Berkeley, frizzy-haired and bright-eyed, I wanted to be a sports broadcaster. I didn’t want to be the first female president, an organizer, an advocate, a political news junkie or an actress — I wanted to be a sports broadcaster. I
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Racism in Berkeley never left

Urban Animal

“Kill the Mexicans!” my friend hollered as we watched a movie. Some of my housemates groaned. Others chuckled. I stayed quiet even though I’m Mexican American. We all continued watching the movie; it’s easy to shrug off discrimination when it’s not directly targeted at you. Where I used to live,
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Showcase needs new perspectives

ASUC Perspectives should do more to capture Berkeley's rich multiculturalism and diversity

I’m a fourth-year white woman who frequents spaces in communities of color. I’m writing to say that I think the ASUC Perspective’s Showcase’s intentions to “help create a more inclusive and accepting Cal community” are great, but I want to urge you to think more critically about the way the
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Professors see varying success in online courses

Garcia finds himself in a similar place as other faculty members participating in the UC Online pilot program — a system-wide effort aimed at expanding the university’s online education offerings — as professors face the pains that come with developing and experimenting with online education.
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Editors’ Note: 50 Shades of Sexuality

There is no “normal” in sex. We’re conditioned to believe that sex is black and white and that there is a right and wrong way to act, talk and feel about it. But sex, much like life, is messy and is so much more enjoyable that way. This diversity in
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An open letter to Mark Yudof

Final chancellor candidate list needs to represent women, underrepresented minorities

Dear UC President Mark Yudof, We understand that you are coming to a final decision on the chancellor search at UC Berkeley.As a group of UC Berkeley faculty who remain unconditionally committed to achieving racial diversity on the campus, we want to reaffirm our expectation that each of the final
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Out of action

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Despite a brief from Mark Yudof and 10 chancellors, affirmative action is not a suitable avenue to achieve diversity on campus.

California voters took to the polls on Nov. 5, 1996 and passed Proposition 209, which forbid state government organizations from considering race, ethnicity or sex in areas that include public education and employment. Suffice it to say, Prop 209 banned affirmative action in the state. Despite constant protest and legislative proposals to amend the law for public education, it still stands 16 years later — and that’s the way it should be.
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