50 UC Berkeley students from 50 states

It would be an understatement to say that UC Berkeley has a diverse student body. While our undergraduate population boasts a demographic of students from all over the world, the Clog decided to focus on those undergraduates who hail from each state in the United States. The students were asked a few
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The illusion of demographics

A Whole New World

If you haven’t been simultaneously bombarded with Vietnamese and Cantonese while eating in a Thai restaurant on University Avenue, you might wonder where the first half of your fall semester went.
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Dear governor: It’s your last term, make it count

Dear Gov. Brown, Congratulations. Being governor of one of the largest and the most populated states in the nation, one with a rich history of leading the way in countless policy issues, is no easy task. Although we seem to have survived the worst of the recession, neither economists nor
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Forced to forge a new path

Most people don’t know that when I arrived at UC Berkeley, frizzy-haired and bright-eyed, I wanted to be a sports broadcaster. I didn’t want to be the first female president, an organizer, an advocate, a political news junkie or an actress — I wanted to be a sports broadcaster. I
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Racism in Berkeley never left

Urban Animal

“Kill the Mexicans!” my friend hollered as we watched a movie. Some of my housemates groaned. Others chuckled. I stayed quiet even though I’m Mexican American. We all continued watching the movie; it’s easy to shrug off discrimination when it’s not directly targeted at you. Where I used to live,
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Showcase needs new perspectives

ASUC Perspectives should do more to capture Berkeley's rich multiculturalism and diversity

I’m a fourth-year white woman who frequents spaces in communities of color. I’m writing to say that I think the ASUC Perspective’s Showcase’s intentions to “help create a more inclusive and accepting Cal community” are great, but I want to urge you to think more critically about the way the
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Professors see varying success in online courses

Garcia finds himself in a similar place as other faculty members participating in the UC Online pilot program — a system-wide effort aimed at expanding the university’s online education offerings — as professors face the pains that come with developing and experimenting with online education.
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