Dining hall DIYs

Let’s face it. Most of the time, the dining halls are a disappointment. Unless you live in Foothill — in that case, we are jealous and you might as well stop reading. It’s the same old, same old every day, and all you want is something to spruce up your
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DIY Hawaiian pizza

The best way to solve any problem is with the simple solution of pizza. It’s something even the Oscar award-winning J. Lawrence can’t resist. We at the Clog have put together an easy recipe for this all-time favorite food for y’all to enjoy! What you’ll need: 3 1/2 to 4
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Last-minute Berkeley-themed Halloween costumes

Between cramming for midterms and keeping up with extracurriculars, your Halloween costume has been the last thing on your mind. Now, with the holiday coming up Saturday, friends have invited you to a couple of parties, and you just realized you have nothing to wear. Because your schedule is so
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