We hate EDM

Unfortunately, we at the Clog have to collectively take responsibility for the radical views of one of our members, who is not allowed to use first-person singular and believes that electronic dance music, or EDM, is worse than Ebola. This music, which could more appropriately be described as the diegetic sound of a robot porno, has castrated the galvanizing essence of live music and has tattooed our generation with a technicolor identity, inevitably linking us to the phenomenon of flitting around in fields, getting high and selling our souls, all to the bleeps and blips of our electronic anthems.
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Balancing beats and bookwork

Stephen Burke, also known as a DJ under his pseudonym Sirensceol, is a 4th-year American Studies major at UC Berkeley and a full-time producer. His story begins the second semester of his freshman year, while listening to the music his friends would frequently recommend. Burke realized that it would be
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KALX DJs transmit untraditional sounds

A cat-behavior consultant, cooking enthusiasts, movie and museumgoers, those who wish to wander — all found their voices over the university airwaves at 90.7 KALX. A student-run organization, KALX plays to the musical passions of a multifaceted student body, usually before listeners find these songs on their own. The Daily
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