Alone together in the Monday dark

A dimly lit SoMa district on Monday night invites an eclectic crowd. The lengthy strip of bars and nightclubs provides refuge for the not-so-weekend warrior to come as they are, to escape the demands of orthodoxy. Bars on early days of the weeks have always made me somber: Every patron
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alina_Eda Yu_staff

Alina Baraz, Galimatias enchant fans at DNA lounge

On a poorly lit dance floor, concert-goers milled about as if they were at a high-end club rather than waiting for an artist to perform. It was sweaty, sticky and a little claustrophobic in the venue — more appropriate for the intense dancing at events such as Bootie SF than
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XXYYXX is the Prince of Lo-Fi

XYYXX’s show last month at San Francisco‘s DNA Lounge was packed — and for good reason. Hundreds of sweaty, more-than-likely inebriated teenagers were cramped into the DNA lounge, hoping to get a piece of XXYYXX’s Marcel Everett. Everett is, in many ways, one of the most impressive producers to splash
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The Hundred Days @ Pop Roxx DNA Lounge

Up All Night

The night of Nov. 4th started off as most nightclub nights usually do: Amateur D.J.s spinning and mixing songs old and new, the early-bird clubbers stumbling around in a pre-gamed stupor and Pop Rocks strewn across tables mixed in with Hershey’s Kisses for the DNA Lounge’s Pop Roxx theme. At
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Miami Horror teleport audience to halcyon days with synthpop

The fellas of Miami Horror are very nice boys indeed — well-spoken, sunny men you could bring out for brunch with grandma. I sat down with the Melbourne-based disco pop quartet before their Thursday night show at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco to discuss their influences, their ambitions and
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