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Creating your Thanksgiving staycation

All of your friends are talking about the exciting adventures awaiting them once Thanksgiving break starts. When they turn to you and ask about your plans, your only response is a lighthearted laugh followed by a spiel about wanting to spend time with family. But don’t lie to yourself; the
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If TV geniuses were UC Berkeley professors

It’s not a surprise that walking around campus, we’re surrounded by a sea of intellectuals. The brilliance of our campus professors is evident in the designated Nobel laureate parking spaces and casually mentioned awards and grants. As students, we attend lectures with a mix of inspiration from our professors’ passionate
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Manic pixie YouTube uke girl

Songs of myself

Like many kids of my generation, I spent a good deal of my time as a young teenager religiously watching covers of pop songs by my favorite YouTube musicians. The bedroom acoustic cover appeared to be the key to the start of my music career. I idolized Christina Grimmie, a
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Picks of the Week: Comics, Clubs and Cybermen

With summer in full effect, there are a ton of great activities, free film screenings, impromptu trips to San Francisco and much more to get out and do with your free time. Take some time out of summer internships or spending a million hours on Tumblr and check out a
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Keep calm and diversify on

I’m getting tired of BBC. As much as I bemoan the painfully slow progress America makes in terms of diversity on the small screen, we still do it best. Yes, relative to our neighbors across the pond, who have the most comparable television market, our diversity efforts are far more
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Quiz: Can you name that DeCal?

DeCals are a great way to get extra units and study something you’ve always been curious about. They give you a chance to explore quirky and ultra-specialized topics that you never would have made time for without some sort of incentive. And DeCal topics can definitely get pretty specific. We’re sure
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Doctor, who?

My friends are obsessed with “Doctor Who.” I don’t know why or how or when it happened, but at some point during the last couple of years, this strange science fiction show converted several of my close friends to its die-hard fandom. I wouldn’t mind or really take much notice
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‘Doctor Who’ and life lessons

Salas in solace

David Tennant taught me “allons-y.” More significantly, the Doctor taught me. Through his adventures, his companions and his constant running, the Doctor has actually taught me quite a lot. Just add that to the long list of reasons “Doctor Who” is one of my favorite shows. Other reasons include aliens, awesome characters and British accents.
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