How to keep the spring break mood alive

Put down your sunglasses and beer cozies, Bears, spring break is officially over. We at the Clog are in mourning, too. Instead of facing it, however, we’ve decided to compile our best ways to remain in denial about the end of the break. Fill your homestead with sand If you
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Michael Drummond/File

Myths of UC Berkeley debunked

After attending CalSO, we left with our minds full of random myths and legends of UC Berkeley. Many of these legends were never brought up again after the weekend-long orientation, but others haunted UC Berkeley students forever. Despite what your orientation leader may have told you, some of these myths are
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Berkeley Animal Care Services provides pets for adoption including this cat.

Quiz: What pet should you get?

It can get a little lonely in Berkeley sometimes, and we at the Clog know how hard it can be to miss your family pets back home. If you are thinking about getting a new companion for the long nights at college, we advise you take this quiz (and take
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Lianne Frick/Staff

Power ranking: best and worst libraries on campus

The libraries — everyone’s favorite (and sometimes least favorite) places to study. From Moffitt to Morrison, we all crave the feeling of studying in a clean, quiet space of our liking. We at the Clog base our library ranking on three distinct criteria: the most enjoyable library experience, hidden gem
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