Strangest pets to have in college

One of the hardest parts of going to college is leaving your pet behind. If you’re a pet lover, you probably miss your dog, cat, pigeon or squirrel at home and need to find something to fill the void their absence leaves in your life. After countless hours exploring apartments and residence
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Willow Yang Maru 2.0

Short story: Maru 2.0

Maru 2.0 was not a normal dog. It couldn’t walk very fast, as its legs were all mechanical. They were only capable of slowly rotating on gears and hinges. Not only were its legs mechanical, but its heart and liver and spleen and bones and muscles and intestines and lungs
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Pros and cons of having a pet in college

For many people, one of the hardest parts about going away to college is leaving their beloved pets at home. UC Berkeley housing policy says that unless you have a service or emotional support pet, you can’t bring your pet to the dorms. But as soon as you’re out of the
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bean burger

Quiz: Are you more hot dog or hamburger?

There are two kinds of people in the world — those who scramble towards hotdogs on the July Fourth barbecue skewer and those who wolf down hamburger after hamburger. These people are always polar opposites. If you’re having an identity crisis and do not know which personality type fits you better, take this personalized quiz that we at the Clog designed just for you!
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"Wiener-Dog" | Amazon Studios/IFC Films Grade: C+

‘Wiener-Dog’ barks up wrong tree

  A satirical romp in four bitter acts, “War Horse” meets whiny white suburbia: “Wiener-Dog” reaches for biting humor but instead feels muzzled. Writer-director Todd Solondz, known for his caustic directorial vision in such works as “Welcome to the Dollhouse” and “Happiness,” has once again given life to his layered
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Gillian and her dog

Why your dog is the ultimate homie

The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day to do everything or nothing — the beauty of summer! But it’s no fun to do summer things all by yourself. All of your Berkeley pals are back home, and to be honest, you’re already sick of your hometown friends — so who’s
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Most annoying holidays on Instagram

Usually, Instagram is an ideal way to avoid doing the tasks you need to accomplish. The mindless scrolling through people’s daily activities helps us to forget about our own activities. But throughout the year there are a few days when Instagram’s feed gets more crowded than Brown’s at noon. The
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Scan (1)

How well did you reconnect with your dog over break?

We’ve only been back to the daily grind of normal life for about a week, but thanks to the immediate barrage of midterms, papers and general stress (ASUC campaigns, anyone?) we all might find ourselves already needing a break. Thankfully, the memories of spring break are still fresh in our
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A dogging future

Once, a Tibetan monk and I were watching a dog rub his back on a rug. Its legs were up in the air like a dead bug, his head rolled back with abandon, and he had surrendered the weight of his tongue to gravity. He looked pretty goofy. The monk
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Pets that UC Berkeley students should have

If you’ve moved into your apartment, but still feel like something is missing, maybe you need a pet! We at the Clog have gone through and analyzed some possible choices for pets that can easily make you smile when you’re feeling stressed out about school. Before you get any sort of pet,
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