The signs we miss

Jacky Lu/Staff

Last weekend’s Super Bowl 50 was saturated with social reform in the form of multi-million dollar public service announcements. Colgate preached water conservation through a simple turning off of the faucet while brushing, while PETA ridiculed non-vegans’ sexual libidos. However, one ad particularly stood out for its rather minimalistic and
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shannon mug

Macho culture and a league of violence

A little girl trips and falls on the playground. Her dad, worried something will mar her perfect skin, runs over to her, kisses her boo-boo, holds her tight against his chest and whispers that everything will be all right as she wails and wails and wails. A little boy trips
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Crime in Berkeley: April 29 — May 2

The following is a sample of crime in Berkeley this week, provided by the Berkeley Police Department. Residential Burglary via Unlocked Door — 2300 block of Russell Street On April 29 at 4:13 p.m. a BPD officer was assigned a residential burglary in the 2300 block of Russell Street. The woman resident told the
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Prevent dating violence in February

February is the commemorative month for Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention. The importance of recognizing and addressing these issues has been highlighted by the recent spattering of high profile domestic violence cases: Rihanna and Chris Brown, the murder of Yeardley Love by her ex-boyfriend and now, most recently, the
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