Trump rally

American Horror Story: a Trump rally in Dallas

On Thursday, June 16, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a Donald Trump rally in my hometown of Dallas, Texas. My best friend shot me a text on the day of that said, “I just wanna go and try to understand how people can even support him lol.” Well, we
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Donald Trump

Quiz: Which inappropriate Donald Trump tweet are you?

In the wake of the worst mass shooting in this nation’s history, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump responded with a string of flamingly inappropriate and insensitive tweets in which he selfishly tried to advance his own political agenda. This past week his Twitter page has gone viral, yet this isn’t a new game for Trump. Trump’s Twitter feed resembles the unfiltered and uncut stream of consciousness word spew of an agitated toddler.
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Hillary wins California

In a decisive victory Tuesday night, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton won the California primary and clinched the nomination for the Democratic party, becoming the first female to secure a major party nomination.
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Michael Drummond/Staff

UC Berkeley students: we’re 1 of a kind

The term “Berkeley bubble” exists for a reason. When you go back home and step back into the real world, you realize that some instinctive Berkeley habits may be out of place or simply unacceptable. Here’s a sampling of things that would fail to make you bat an eyelash at UC
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Tips and tricks for using Schedule Planner

What’s the most surprising thing that’s come out of 2016? Some might say the Donald Trump presidential campaign, some might say the album Beyonce casually decided to drop over the weekend — but we’re going to go with the fact that the administration has somehow managed to come up with a
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