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A hungry tourist in palm-fringed Los Angeles

Growing up in southern California, there were always too many cities to visit, too many restaurants to check out and ample selections of tourist attractions. In the midst of exploration, I rarely found the time to immerse myself in the beauty and culture of Los Angeles. The reason? I blame
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An ode to donuts

Donuts, in all their circular perfection, are what we all really want when we wake up in the morning. Sure, we can fool ourselves into thinking that a green smoothie is just as good, but we all know in our heart of hearts that the equation for a perfect breakfast
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Doughnut girl rates 4 doughnut shops

When I was 7 years old, my mother sat me down and told me I was the least organized human being she had ever encountered. To terrify me out of my untidy habits, she told me an “Ancient Chinese Tale” — at least that’s what she called it. In the tale, a
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Behind the Facade

Few moments in recent memory have felt more liberating than the time I did away with my decade-old bowl cut one morning freshman year. Without the mushroom-like mass atop my head, I gained confidence, the same sort that brought me out to fraternity rush that spring. Flash forward a semester
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