New cafe Gadani opens in Downtown Berkeley

Berkeley residents can now enjoy a refreshing scoop of ice cream on a toasty egg puff waffle with the recent addition of Gadani, an earthy and simplistically designed café that officially opened its doors Saturday in Downtown Berkeley.
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City calls for BART plaza sculpture submissions

Calling all artists: until the end of the month, the city of Berkeley is looking for a sculpture to be featured as part of the renovated Downtown BART plaza. The open call is for an already-made sculpture to be featured in the plaza.
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Lessons UC Berkeley teaches us outside the classroom

Over the previous years, numerous lists have been concocted so that newly-admitted UC Berkeley students might get a peek into this new exciting phase in their lives. Yet very few include the very personal, intellectual changes that a person is likely to undergo among the administrative learning curve, which is no less than a horror ride. Here are nine things you are most likely to soon recognize (if you haven’t already in high school) after one or two semesters at UC Berkeley.
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A week of doing something new every day

Classes have been going for a few weeks now, and we’re all getting into comfortable routines. But are our routines getting too comfortable? It’s nice to know what you’re doing, but variety is the spice of life. There’s a fine line between comfortable routine and monotonous existence, and with the
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Underrated places to eat in Berkeley

Berkeley is the home to many authentic restaurants, diners, grills and shacks to grab food across all sorts of cuisines. Despite living in a town with enough options that you could eat at a new place every day, we tend to visit the usual favorites over and over again. In
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Five Berkeley dates for less than $25

Being a broke college student is always hard, but it’s especially bad when you’re trying to woo the person of your dreams. How are you supposed to showcase your generosity by picking up the tab on a date when you can barely afford ramen? We at the Clog decided to
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