Bun B creates hip-hop coloring book

Rapper Bun B teams up with Shea Serrano for rap activity book

Rap music tends to take itself a little too seriously. Even with plenty of playful personas in the genre, most parties involved are not necessarily allowed to show off their fun side. This fall, Houston rap legend Bun B, who stands as a flag bearer for the rap community as
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Cal women’s basketball team turned video stars

As if they weren’t having a busy enough week, the Lady Bears took time to recreate their own version of Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” while on the road for their next game. Not only are these women totally owning in their respective sport, but they also seem to have hidden
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Five Quality Tracks: February

At the end of each month, I’ll be posting a feature highlighting five quality tracks released during that month. We continue with February 2013. February saw a slew of new albums and singles. There’s new and invigorating music being released on the daily! Here are five songs from this past
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The Road Back to R&B Originality

It’s about time. R&B has been around longer than your parents have. In fact, it’s very likely that your parents wouldn’t exist without R&B. Over that time, good ol’ Rhythm & Blues has dramatically morphed in style. I mean, we’re talking Aretha Franklin in the 1960s, Stevie Wonder in the
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james bell

Goin’ Off: Dollaz and Sense

Don’t drink 8 ball / cause St. Ides is givin’ ends.” It’s short. It’s simple. It’s Ice Cube. It also sold St. Ides Malt Liquor to countless impressionable youths with fake IDs. To put it another way, your favorite commercial MC is probably compromised. They’re getting paper for advertising, for
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Sample Sundays: Calling on Jon B.

What it mountain dew y’all? It’s a new semester. Everything is full of promise. There are no grades yet and life is good. So, you know what that means. It’s time for Sample Sundays to break you off with some muzak for your hard drive. Now, since we all will
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Top 10 Albums of the Year

10. Childish Gambino: Camp Childish Gambino is the perfect name for comedian Donald Glover’s hip-hop alter ego. With his debut album, Camp, Glover seamlessly melds the innocent whimsy of childhood with a harder, personal edge. As a writer for “30 Rock” and an actor on NBC’s “Community,” Glover has already
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Cover Stories: surprising cover songs that cross genres

Florence covers Drake, Miles Kane does Beatles

An artist performing another artists’ song is an important part of the world of music. Covers can mark the proliferation of certain influences and styles, and the expansion of musical perspectives. They can be a nod of approval to fellow artists, or opportunities for cross-genre experiments. They might also be
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The Stone Foxes

This Week in Sound: The joys of being 21+

While many shows are usually accessible for most people, there are many shows that are only for those of a certain age. Those of us who can’t legally enjoy alcohol are out of luck for this week’s local shows, but the ones older than the magic number have two chances
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