If you’re reading this, don’t buy Drake’s new album

Drake is a remarkable actor. Not for his stint on the emotive teen-soap “Degrassi,” mind you. In a now-iconic interview with a Miami radio station, Lebanese porn actress Mia Khalifa subtly hinted that rap’s resident simp lord slid into her Instagram direct messages with a reckless thirst and a “cringeworthy”
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Jhameel jams to his own beat

With a breathy voice and funky style, it’s no surprise that UC Berkeley alumnus Jhameel has been compared to a modern-day Prince. The 23-year-old — a former member of the ROTC program and of co-op Casa Zimbabwe — attributes his experiences in the military and in Berkeley to the start
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Synthpop duo Holy Ghost! not haunted by convention

Although many electronic artists perform onstage with just their laptops, New York synthpop duo Holy Ghost! chooses to perform using a live band to recreate its sounds. Originally in hip-hop, Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser switched over to disco electro-dance and released their first EP as Holy Ghost! in 2010.
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The wisdom of an unwise sophomore

From the top to the bottom, it’s a fall from fortitude and glory as graceful as Miley Cyrus’s transition from Disney sweetheart to foam-finger sex machine. Although I do get mistaken for Kanye West on a regular basis, I am not talking about a celebrity transition from adoration to widespread
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Drake gets personal in ‘Nothing Was the Same’

When Nothing Was the Same leaked online last week, Twitter broke down in 140-character tears, and rumors that the deluxe version would include a box of tissues emerged. Jokes aside, Drake’s third studio album is a heavy hitter in every sense. Radio favorite “Started from the Bottom” gave us an
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Tunesday – Dedicated to What’s-Your-Name

Dear what’s-your-name, it’s me. I’m that guy who was too scared to say a word to you in your class all semester. I’m that guy who was too nervous to approach you on the bus when I saw you reading one of my favorite novels. I’m that guy who was
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Nicholas Dirks enjoys his first day at work as UC Berkeley Chancellor in a welcome reception.

Chancellor Dirks likes to have fun

In a surprising turn of events that neither his six-month impending chancellorship nor his half-hour interview revealed, the newly reigning Chancellor Nicholas Dirks is privy to basic human emotions, which include enjoyment, laughter and, most importantly, having fun. On his first day in office, Dirks let his Einstein-like composure slip
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Bun B creates hip-hop coloring book

Rapper Bun B teams up with Shea Serrano for rap activity book

Rap music tends to take itself a little too seriously. Even with plenty of playful personas in the genre, most parties involved are not necessarily allowed to show off their fun side. This fall, Houston rap legend Bun B, who stands as a flag bearer for the rap community as
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Cal women’s basketball team turned video stars

As if they weren’t having a busy enough week, the Lady Bears took time to recreate their own version of Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” while on the road for their next game. Not only are these women totally owning in their respective sport, but they also seem to have hidden
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Five Quality Tracks: February

At the end of each month, I’ll be posting a feature highlighting five quality tracks released during that month. We continue with February 2013. February saw a slew of new albums and singles. There’s new and invigorating music being released on the daily! Here are five songs from this past
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