do the creep

A guide to becoming the campus creep

As you prepare to begin the school year here at UC Berkeley, you’ll be bombarded with tons of advice and helpful tips to help you transition. You’ll hear suggestions for how to stand out as a candidate for internships and be encouraged to let your unique personality shine. But you
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Members of the UC Berkeley Muslim Student Association protest 
government drone use on the steps of Sproul Hall on Wednesday.

Students silently protest US government’s use of drones

About 40 demonstrators stood side by side in front of Sproul Hall Friday, holding signs with phrases such as “Drones don’t make us safer; violence begets violence” to pique the interest of passers-by and inspire them to question the necessity of U.S. drone strikes in countries such as Pakistan and Yemen.
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Simply put, US drones kill

Earlier this week, I opened the Daily Cal to find a harmless-looking sketch of a U.S. military drone flying in a purple sky. Under it, I saw the title “Drones make America safer.” After reading the op-ed piece written by political science student Blair Rotert, I felt absolutely compelled to
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An ode to the public commenter

Council Watch

Hello, I am here to speak about DRONES. Hmm. That doesn’t sound nearly as impressive or hilarious coming from me. Given that Berkeley City Council is on spring recess right now, I thought I’d take the time to write about the 10th member of the City Council — the general
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