TDPS’s ‘Rhinoceros’ stampedes through campus

“Christ! A rhinoceros!” Similar to the surprise Parisians and tourists experienced when they found themselves face to face with a tiger-like cat near Disneyland Paris earlier this week, the characters in TDPS’s production of “Rhinoceros” are shocked to catch sight of a rhinoceros (a rhinoceros!) stampeding through their quiet French
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‘Kid Simple’ play on sound is grown-up difficult

If words are simply a series of sounds that exit a person’s mouth, can we really attach meaning to them? “Kid Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh” explores the human understanding and perception of sound. Its aims are laudable, but its convoluted narrative structure doesn’t line up with what
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This Week in Arts

VISUAL ART As a center for innovation, renewable energy solutions, art and communal education, Oakland seems like the perfect home base for nonprofit organization Kinetic Steam Works. Since 2005, it has worked to preserve steam power heritage, presenting art and performance pieces to the public, highlighting the merits of this
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