Nothing to receive from ‘The Giver’

Imagine a perfect world without pain. A world without suffering, without agony and without misery. Life without fear. This is the world “The Giver” imagines. But a bargain such as this one cannot exist without evil demands. “The Giver” is that one dystopian novel by Lois Lowry that every kid
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Edan Lepucki makes dazzling doomsday debut with ‘California’

Fans of the Colbert Report should be quite familiar with the name Edan Lepucki, whose debut novel, “California,” has been mentioned on air three times in regard to the talk show host’s war against Amazon. Feud aside, Colbert could not have chosen a better book to champion. Lepucki’s contribution to
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Post-apocalyptic novel ‘MaddAddam’ mythologizes humankind

When the apocalypse on Earth is retold from the mouths of a flawless, green-eyed, human-like species, the history of humankind becomes a drastically different story. It becomes a tangled fable of epic proportions, told from a naive perspective unaware of the suffering endured during the old civilization’s closing moments. “MaddAddam,”
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office of mercy

Delving into the future with ‘Office of Mercy’

Just how subjective is one’s ethical code? Ariel Djanikian’s debut novel, “The Office of Mercy,” depicts a future world in which the answer to this question lies within a government office dedicated to enforcing “mercy” using comprehensive surveillance techniques to kill people off the moment they begin to suffer to
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