An Earth Day spotlight on Zion National Park

The lessons I learned from my trip to Zion National Park began before I got even got there. As our car cruised along the I-15, past the borders of California, Nevada, Arizona and finally Utah, the prominence of ancient and hollow earth grew rapidly. The road toyed with us, leading
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Places to go on Earth Day around the bay

Earth Day is quickly approaching, and maybe it’s all the “Berkeley hippie” nonsense finally taking a toll on you, but you feel like you should celebrate … but how? Well, fear not, dear reader, the Clog has you covered with a list of the best Bay Area sites to spend
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How to be sustainable in Berkeley

The very first observance of Earth Day took place April 22, 1970, with the aim of putting environmental issues into the national spotlight. The holiday was monumental in laying the foundation for modern environmental movements. To commemorate Earth Day, which was celebrated last Friday, we at the Clog composed a
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Cool new ways to celebrate Earth Day

For the most part, Mother Nature has been good to the denizens of the Bay Area. You don’t hear much about tornadoes, thunderstorms or other jarring natural disasters tearing their way across the picturesque UC Berkeley campus (aside from the occasional story about the most recent squirrel attack on the local
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Interview: Claire Kremen, conservation biologist

Claire Kremen knows her stuff. As a campus professor of environmental science, policy and management, head researcher at the Kremen Lab Group and seasoned conservation biologist, she brings her experiences in academia and beyond to the forefront of some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. In a
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Earth Day date ideas

Although not usually considered a romantic holiday, Earth Day is a great opportunity to show your sensitive and sustainable side to potential new S.O.’s. Here are a few tips to help win over any tree hugger this Earth Day.     Go to an Earth Day festival Seeing as we live in
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A look back on UC Berkeley’s environmentally friendly history

Gather around, everyone! It’s Earth Day! The one day of the year when hoarders recycle and it’s socially acceptable to hug trees. There is a variety of interesting activities happening around Berkeley during Earth Week, from film screenings to discussions about renewable energy. In honor of Earth Day, we at the Clog
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