Poetry: Earthly dissonance

When your words run dry, Like the parched Colorado, thirsting for Mexico, Fissured lips, seldom a drop to lust at; Bed’s empty. When all it finds are bones, and you yours Find me I’ll be here.   When babes bristle at your touch Estranged — the forest from its soil,
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How to be sustainable in Berkeley

The very first observance of Earth Day took place April 22, 1970, with the aim of putting environmental issues into the national spotlight. The holiday was monumental in laying the foundation for modern environmental movements. To commemorate Earth Day, which was celebrated last Friday, we at the Clog composed a
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Devang Presad_online

Knights in shining armor

“I don’t know why people idolize athletes. I find it stupid for people to look up to them,” said a close friend once when we were having a casual debate on the toughest sports. I unsurprisingly was outraged at this comment. For a person who loves sports, that comment was
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