My personal ode to Berkeley

Hungry and Foolish

Let’s end this week’s opinion column round table with a pretty simple question: When’s the last time you left Berkeley? And, no, I don’t mean to stop off at the Missouri Lounge or some other locale that requires you to travel a mere stone’s throw from campus.
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Drought continues despite weekend rainstorm

After months of dry weather conditions, cities across Northern California saw several days of heavy rainfall this past weekend; but state officials caution that the storm is only one of many needed to alleviate the drought.
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Residents of the Albany Bulb face looming disaster

When a disaster is going to destroy a community, we often have little warning — if any. In this case, we have known since May: At the beginning of October, more than 50 people will lose their homes. Even with this much warning, no one has anywhere to go. These
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Survival tips for the BART apocalypse

If you haven’t been affected by the BART strike, you obviously don’t live in the Bay Area. From all the politics behind the BART system — and even our AC Transit system — the whole East Bay and San Francisco are basically reeling. It’s absolute chaos. While the BART employees have
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The cost of transit

Broke in Berkeley

“So how long does it take you to get to school?” I get asked this more often than what my major is or what my plans are after graduation. When I tell people I live an hour away, they usually guess that I drive and park somewhere near campus. I
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