Pillsbury dough creations

Pillsbury is arguably one of the most memorable and beloved staples of our childhoods. I remember my mom baking Pillsbury holiday sugar cookies each season: Christmas trees in the winter, pink Easter bunnies, shamrocks and hearts in the spring and pumpkins and ghosts in the fall. But where have those cookies
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Picks of the Week

tUnE-yArDs, the brainchild of musician Merrill Garbus, sounds about as self-aware as Ted Cruz. The music project’s beats ostensibly cater to those of the perpetually strung-out variety — but also to the twee and the defensively bohemian and the young and merry who siphon energy off the very notion of
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Easter vs. 4/20

Venn Diagram: Easter vs 4/20

With Easter and 4/20 falling on the same day this year, things can certainly get a bit hazy. So, we offer up this convenient little Venn diagram in the hope that it will help you distinguish between the two.   Curan Mehra is the editor of the Weekender. Contact him at
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The pros and cons of summer birthdays

The Clog has been talking a good deal about the implications of summer and being at home. After all, for a decent percentage of us, that’s what summer means. Laundry and home-cooked food aside, though, there’s yet another major difference summer presents students with: birthday bashes. Whether you’re at home with
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sisters of perpetual indulgence1

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence celebrate at Dolores Park

On Easter Weekend 1979, three men marched down Castro Street dressed in traditional nuns’ habits. The men — Ken Bunch (Sister Vicious Power Hungry Bitch), Fred Brungard (Sister Missionary Position) and Baruch Golden — wanted to call attention to sexual intolerance and social problems in the Castro District, and so
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