3 holiday drinks you can still serve your RA

As gift-giving time rolls around again this year, whom do you have to thank more than the resident assistant who guided you, protected you and probably wrote you up once or twice this semester? In order to demonstrate both your thanks as well as your ability to follow rules and regulations, there is no
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A whole lot of latkes: a latke recipe

Who needs buttermilk pancakes when you have potato pancakes? With winter approaching in less than two weeks and Hanukkah in less than one, now is the perfect time to break out those potatoes before they go moldy over winter break. You’ve had all semester, after all, since you bought them in September,
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Pretty Oat Bars

No-bake oat bars recipe

We love shopping at Whole Foods. We love walking down the aisles of organic kale chips and pondering exactly how nutritional yeast can constitute as “nacho cheese.” We love staring longingly at beautifully packaged glass bottles of milk through clear fridge doors. We love sneaking more sample snacks than is
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Ratatouille featured

Tough to say, easy to make: ratatouille

Ratatouille is a dish everyone has heard of, probably because it sounds funny when you say it out loud. Rat-ta too-wee. How could you hate something that sounds like that? Despite the prevalence of the word, many haven’t a clue what’s in it, let alone how to make it. Don’t
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overnight oats

Quick breakfast: overnight oats

Grumble and stumble out of bed. Brush teeth. Maybe put on nonpajama clothing. Go to 8 a.m. class. Be annoyed with every single person you encounter. This is how every morning goes for us. What’s missing from this equation? Breakfast. The common saying goes that breakfast is the most important
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Thursday app of the week: GoodSearch

Name: GoodSearch Platform(s): The Internet Price: Free Mission: Help out the Berkeley community A search engine that gives money to charitable causes when you use it seems too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s called GoodSearch, and it has a pretty cool business model to turn your searches
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