Breeding the tech elite

In a time of growing uneasiness between local residents and tech employees within the Bay Area, UC Berkeley students are increasingly drawn to the riches of Silicon Valley

Anya Schultz/Senior Staff
A Facebook recruiter is surrounded by UC Berkeley students eager to join the tech industry primarily clustered around Silicon Valley.

Earlier this week, I found myself at a Facebook recruitment meeting in Dwinelle Hall, filing into a lecture hall with other undergraduates gathered eagerly at the prospect of working for one of the Silicon Valley’s most lucrative companies. As tech hopefuls lined up, resumes in hand, to talk with recruiters,
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DIY electronics repair

Broke in Berkeley

“We spend all of our time together, and you don’t know anything about me.” “That’s not true! I know all about you! We do everything together; you’re like a part of me.” “Oh, really? If something went wrong, you wouldn’t know how to take care of me.” “I never hit
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