5 ways to spruce up your ramen

As broke, hungry and busy college kids, we all know the struggle of trying to feed ourselves without breaking the bank. That’s probably why ramen was invented. And yeah, ramen might be decent tasting and all for the first few weeks or so, but those same super-salty, monotonous beef and
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Gingersnap cookie recipe

It’s not really a holiday celebration without cookies to munch on by the fire. You might be suffering instead of celebrating, but you can at least give your taste buds a party. These gingersnap cookies are soft and sweet enough to enjoy with a cold glass of milk. The hint
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Sick and starving?

You’re sick. You don’t feel well enough to make the trek to Safeway to buy your favorite tomato soup, your mother is 400 miles away and can’t make you some of her special chicken soup, nothing on Postmates sounds appetizing and your roommate has little to no cooking ability. Don’t
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Jasmany Flores/SeniorStaff

Pumpkin pancake recipe

Every year after Halloween, my mom finds herself at a loss for what to do with the leftover pumpkins that we mercilessly carved into spoopy jack-o’-lanterns. She sees pumpkins as food first and foremost, rather than decorations we use to entertain trick-or-treaters. Seeing the potential in this orange squash, she figured out
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Celias veggie burrito 1

Best breakfast burritos on campus

It’s early in the morning. You have an extremely important 8 a.m. class with an iClicker and a quiz, yet you have no motivation to get out of bed. Have no fear, we’ve found the greatest motivation yet: breakfast burritos! Just the thought of these pillow-like, mouth-watering, savory concoctions will
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Egg-in-a-hole avocado toast recipe

As college students, we’re always looking for affordable and healthy snacks and meals. Here’s a recipe that’s easy to make and covers all your essential food groups. The creamy avocado, crunchy bread and savory egg is a filling and tasty combo that will give your morning an extra energy boost.
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Egg toast cup recipe

Toast is a common breakfast food. Eggs are a common breakfast food. So what do you get when you put them together in a muffin tin and stick it all in the oven? Something absolutely magical — egg toast cups! Upgrade your everyday breakfast in just a few easy steps
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Avocado toast

We’re all addicted to avocados. We’ll drink avocado smoothies, eat avocado ice cream, eat avocados with a spoon, pay an extra $1.80 to get guacamole in our Chipotle burrito bowls, pay absurd prices for avocado oil cooking spray at Whole Foods and even use avocado hair mask treatments. Here at
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Nader’s post office speech fails to deliver

Citizen Ralph Nader, the champion of the Consumer Product Safety Administration, the Environmental Safety Administration and the Freedom of Information Act, came to the steps of the Downtown Berkeley Post Office yesterday to give a pep talk to the volunteer defenders of our public postal service. Some 300 listened as
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