Vote Scott Jackson for Alameda County Superior Court Judge


The election for superior court judge is odd because either candidate’s most important role is to uphold the law, and their respective interpretations of it don’t seem to differ much. And despite this, Scott Jackson manages to rise far above his opponent, Barbara Thomas, in large part because of her
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Vote Chris Peeples for AC Transit Board at large

The AC Transit Board of Directors includes two at-large members who get elected by all AC Transit districts. Incumbent Chris Peeples is running for one of these positions against Dollene Jones. Given Peeples’ record alone, he deserves to be re-elected, and his platforms for the future only reinforce this point.
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Vote Joe Wallace for AC Transit Board of Directors Ward 1

The race for AC Transit Board of Directors Ward 1 includes incumbent Joe Wallace … and nobody else. The longtime director is running unopposed. But while some unopposed candidates get away with being less than effective, Wallace is still a great choice. He’s served on the AC Transit board since
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Vote Lateefah Simon for BART Board of Directors District 7

Lateefah Simon, candidate for the BART Board of Director’s seventh district might be the most impressive candidate who has ever run for the position. She’s committed to fighting hard for increased access for people with disabilities. She also has a slew of high-powered connections she plans to solicit money from.
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Vote Rebecca Saltzman for BART Board of Directors District 3

For the past few years, Rebecca Saltzman has served the BART system well. She co-chairs a committee between AC Transit and BART aimed at improving the two transit systems’ relationship for the benefit of riders. She has focused on keeping BART accessible and fighting to keep fares lower. She deserves
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Yes on RR: Breathe life into BART

With every passing year, BART’s ridership increases and its infrastructure further devolves. It’s a trend that spells disaster for the millions of people who depend on trains to get around the Bay Area and for those who care about the environmental impacts of transportation. BART desperately needs money to improve
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Yes on A1: County-wide affordable housing

Berkeley’s housing crisis was not born in Berkeley and won’t be solved at the city level. Berkeley needs regional and large-scale solutions, and Alameda County’s A1 bond measure is a great start. If passed — and it should pass — Measure A1 would open up roughly $580 million to be
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Vote CALI slate for Rent Stabilization Board

When disputes between landlords and tenants erupt, involved parties go before the Rent Stabilization Board for adjudication. And when that happens, commissioners and the rent board staff must deal with complaints brought before them in the most even-handed, fair way — following the letter of the law. When big landlords
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Vote Fred Dodsworth for District 6

District 6 deserves a representative who will take a more active role in creating long-term solutions that benefit the entire city, and Fred Dodsworth is the candidate to do it. Incumbent Susan Wengraf’s most robust and detailed platform centers on fire safety. As Berkeley comes off the 25-year anniversary of
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