Lipstick-stained screen

All Growns Up

These women challenge the altar of systemic expectations. I know the women whose red kisses leave unwashable stains on the tapestry of society.
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Television’s new golden age

Breaking down the highlights and snubs from this year’s Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards, much like their film, theater and music counterparts, are annually greeted with both excited buzz and exhausted indifference.
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Jason Schwartzman shines with witty assholery in ‘Listen Up Philip’

A compelling leading character and snappy, witty dialogue make Alex Ross Perry’s new comedy-drama “Listen Up Philip” a delightful snapshot of creative urbanites despite the dark, depressing undertones that lurk beneath the charming facade. It’s a meticulously nuanced character study — as characters exemplify narcissism, loneliness, ambition, depression and nostalgia
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