Album reviews that describe UC Berkeley professors’ lectures

We all know that some professors view their lectures as pieces of art. Whether it be because of the colorful slides, the poetic language or the theatrical demonstrations, a good lecture can be a performance. But every professor is different, so we decided to pair several notable lecturers on campus with Daily Cal album
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Robert Reich

UC Berkeley professors with top Wikipedia pages

Let’s all be honest: When Ninja Courses fails to help us decide among professors, we revert to the time-honored tradition of looking at the length of their Wikipedia pages. All it takes is one committed fanboy to catalog a professor’s life’s work — but really, what else could we turn to? The
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According to a study involving Berkeley researchers, children born in the bottom fifth in the Bay Area has a 11.2% chance of making it to the top fifth. The percentage is one of the highest in the country.

Study finds social mobility high in Bay Area

A new study conducted by UC Berkeley and Harvard researchers found that the chances of low-income children rising to higher income brackets as adults varies significantly across different metropolitan areas within the U.S., with the San Francisco Bay Area among the most upwardly mobile regions.
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A teach-in about income inequality was held in Lewis Hall.

UC Berkeley Labor Center teach-in focuses on economic inequality

A teach-in hosted by the UC Berkeley Labor Center Wednesday entitled “Economic Inequality Teach In: Causes, Consequences and Solutions,” featured some of the campus’s prominent economic and political thinkers and social justice activists analyzing the causes and consequences of injustices that continue to exist. Solutions to growing economic inequality include
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