End-of-summer blues playlist

Summer’s coming to an end, and we’re feeling lazy, overheated and a touch melancholic. We’ve still got some time, but it’s like one long Sunday — a free day, but a hot and sluggish one, marred by the dread of Monday and the thought of having to pull ourselves together. So here’s
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Dipsea Trail overlooking Stinson Beach

Reasons we’ll miss summer

The new semester is almost upon us, and it will soon be time to cut off your festival wristbands and spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks that you probably won’t even look at. Although there are a few reasons we’re excited for school to start, let’s take a look and
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Reasons we’re excited for school to start

The summer’s drawing to a close, and maybe some of you are appalled and sad when you check the date, but we’re ecstatic. We at the Clog can’t wait for the fall semester to start, and here are a few reasons why:   1. All of our friends come back
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Amanda Hart/File

End-of-summer bucket list

The summer is almost over, and it’s time to start preparing for the fall semester. It’s been a super relaxing summer — full of internships, jobs, hanging out with friends and oftentimes large amounts of stress. With that in mind, take some time to enjoy the campus with this “official”
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