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Top 5 most attractive majors at UC Berkeley

As much as we try to steer away from the stereotype that some majors have better-looking students than others, these stereotypes have to have developed from somewhere. We hate to break it to you, but certain majors and classes just look better walking out of the lecture halls than do
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Sounds like a FOB

A Whole New World

If you think your English is somehow imperfect because of an accent, stop trying so hard to get it right. Invest in time to really hear yourself talk, and then own your accent.
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What to expect at Berkeley Connect

As the semester proceeds into full swing, the familiar hum of the bustling, over-caffeinated student body can be heard around campus. The hourly chime of the Campanile orchestrates a grand procession of students moving to and from classrooms. It can be easy to get lost in the crowd at UC
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Off the beat: We’ll always have Beijing

Pull up a map of Beijing. Set your finger down dead center on the city. Draw it slightly up and to the left. It was a Tuesday night in the middle of summer, and I was there, at a small dumpling house in a nondescript part of the city. It’s the part where you wouldn’t go if you were a tourist — an out-of-the-way sort of anyplace you might stumble upon elsewhere.
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Feeling and connecting through art

“I don’t like looking at art,” my friend told me as we listlessly lazed in my apartment, discussing summer plans. “I prefer hands-on exhibits.” Rather than taking offense, I was curious at her comment. It made me think about not only how we engage with art, but also what we
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Stop whining, start fixing

Two steps forward

Of course, there are problems big enough that “whining” is necessary. “No whining unless you’re bleeding” is not a literal instruction — If you’re seriously injured you should get help; the same is true for emotional pain and major life obstacles. The phrase has a second, implied meaning, which is that if you are in fact bleeding, asking for help doesn’t count as whining. Unfortunately, some people don’t see that, refusing to “whine” even when their problems are far larger than can be solved individually. Refusing to seek assistance — as in the case of addiction or depression — can be far more destructive than seeking it too much. A balance must be struck: If the problem is too big to solve alone, get someone to help you; if it’s a petty annoyance, don’t bring it up.
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One does not simply go to Berkeley

During my freshman year, I felt as lost and lonely as an astronaut stuck on Earth. I had dropped out of my engineering courses by week two. After hanging out with my floormates all night in the fire escape, I would go to bed still feeling dizzy and lonely. Then
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What textbooks should actually look like

It’s known that you should never judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to textbooks, it would really help to know what you’re getting yourself into. We wouldn’t mind spending $100 on a textbook if it accurately described the class. Here is what we think textbooks should
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Tristen Missett (left), Margaux Thierry (center) and Sohee Kim-Souron practice their French during Cafe Blue Door’s Language Cafe, a regular Tuesday night event. Participants can offer impromptu lessons, though languages offered vary weekly based on participants’ knowledge.

Language enthusiasts come together at Berkeley cafe

In a Berkeley cafe, bustling on a Tuesday night, two men lingered over a word: bonito. Bonito means baby, one of them suggested. The other one hesitated — not quite. Bonito is beautiful, he explained. Baby is bebé. And if one wants to admire one of these miniature humans: bonito bebé, beautiful baby.
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Off the beat: I can’t count in English, and I love it

Once, at a party, a friend turned to me and somewhat drunkenly asked, “So, like, what exactly are you?” Despite the weird way she phrased her question, I understood what she meant — but only because I’ve been asked this question numerous times in a variety of ways. As I
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