Significant progress made on Lower Sproul Redevelopment Project

Construction of the new Eshleman Hall will begin later this week, as part of a plan to make Lower Sproul a hub of student life and activity. A renovated Lower Sproul plaza and rebuilt northwest stairway are also expected to reopen at the end of September. The project remains on schedule and on budget. Read More…

Named after a former ASUC president, Eshleman Hall housed many student groups over its 47-year history.

Eshleman demolition ends colorful chapter of UC Berkeley history

The seven-story building, which housed a variety of Cal student groups — including the ASUC and The Daily Californian — was gradually demolished over the course of about a month as part of the Lower Sproul Plaza renovation project. But the memory of Eshleman Hall will be preserved through its colorful history. Read More…


The slow death of Eshleman Hall

After months of sitting and gathering mounds of dust that would make your dryer lint look like a mere speck, the emptied hull formerly known as Eshleman Hall is now ready to be brought down to the ground. Upon returning for the spring semester in the waning days of January, Read More…

10 Ways To Avoid Cal Day

10 ways to avoid Cal Day

For all of us who shrink from the premise of human contact, Cal Day isn’t necessarily the most exciting time of year. The massive number of people jammed into the normally vast Sproul can bring out that inner sense of claustrophobia you held in as a child, and if you’re Read More…

Texting in transit

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