How Islam became my anchor in university


At UC Berkeley, I’ve met peers with more pride in their faith than anyone else I’ve ever met. On this campus, not only do people in my community deal with the day-to-day stressors of academics, but we also face the greater challenges of realizing other parts of our identities — politically, racially, sexually, etc.
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Struggles of going to a huge university

Yes, we all know what you’re thinking. UC Berkeley is one of the best public universities in the world, and that’s part of the reason why we chose to attend this school. However, little did we know, nor did we expect, the endless obstacles we would soon face due to the
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Study spots you’ve yet to explore

Imagine yourself walking around campus, trying to find somewhere to study. For some reason, the usual places just aren’t doing it for you. Bedroom? Too comfortable. Cafe Milano? Too loud. MLK Student Union? Too crowded. Memorial Glade? Too sunny. We’ve all been there. Here are some places we at the
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Jonathan Kuperberg

Farewell column: Still crazy after all these years

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry while writing this, but I can feel the saltwater in my eyes, and I haven’t even finished the first sentence. I know it’s time; I’m just not ready. I guess that’s why I’ve been putting off writing this, even though the words have been
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