Surviving rest of this semester

It’s finally here: one month until the end of the semester. While these next four weeks are bound to fly by, the obstacles standing inbetween you and winter break are daunting. All that’s apparent is that there are bound to be tears, sleepless nights and multiple declarations of running away
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Located inside UC Berkeley’s International House, the campus’s international office supports students from outside the United States with programs designed to ease the students’ transition.

Glimpse into the I-House community

We at the Clog had the pleasure of catching a glimpse into the seemingly insular community at the International House. They were having their weekly coffee hour and the featured country was Korea. With K-pop blasting in the background and eager revelers crowding around the calligraphy table, I-House proved anything
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Euro Cup 2016

Euro 2016 All-Name team

Having spent most of the past month watching Europe’s best soccer teams battle it out and hearing aptly named English announcer Ian Darke hilariously hate on his home side, saying things to the effect of “If this shocking result against Iceland holds up, the English players are surely headed home to weeks of national humiliation,” we at the Clog have football on the brain. And to celebrate a rousing and successful Euro 2016, we have compiled a super-team.
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Spain Grenada

Distance makes the heart grow squandered

When I realized I would be spending the summer in Spain, I was beyond overjoyed. Since high school history class, I have been curiously attracted to the Spanish Empire, and my memories of earlier visits are varnished in a sentiment of young love. Although I have spent less than a week in Granada, I have already realized that studying and admiring Spain from afar (especially from America) could only cultivate a naive infatuation rather than genuine admiration. Being here has exposed me to the cultural multiplicity of Spain, and I have developed a more mature appreciation of the country because everywhere you walk in Granada exposes a little more of its true beauty.
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Pit Stop in Prague

Dedicating only two and a half days in a major European city can’t be recommended, but when you’re an ambitious student on a budget with a desire to see as much as possible in the shortest amount of time, sometimes it’s the only option. Oftentimes, events arise that you weren’t expecting;
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Taran Moriates_online

How the hell did I get here?

Lost in Confusion

We stood on top of the roof of my friend’s apartment building, peering out across the lit-up, somewhat hazy Berkeley nightscape, pacing from one edge to the next, side-to-side, looking and looking, seeing the fading traces of the blinking lights up on the hills, up on the dorm buildings, up
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When my sister was in seventh grade, she had two major obsessions (as most middle schoolers do): KPOP and Denmark. Both seem pretty random, and honestly, I understood the KPOP phenomena more than the Danish obsession. I quickly became familiar with Boyfriend and SHINee, but my knowledge of the Danish
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20 hours in Madrid

Twenty hours is not enough to marathon “Friends,” read the entire Harry Potter series or study for finals — and it’s definitely not long enough to spend in a foreign city. So when I did the math and realized that I had only 20 hours, including sleeping time, to spend in
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Jeanette Zhukov_online-final

Instagram in Paris

Off the Beat

With summer coming to a close, all that seems to be left is you flipping through the comment section of your Facebook album labeled “Summer 2015.” But school is starting, and now those precious hours previously dedicated to capturing where the light best hit the side of your chocolate croissant seem worthless as you’re studying for the ever-looming GRE.
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