Pit Stop in Prague

Dedicating only two and a half days in a major European city can’t be recommended, but when you’re an ambitious student on a budget with a desire to see as much as possible in the shortest amount of time, sometimes it’s the only option. Oftentimes, events arise that you weren’t expecting;
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Taran Moriates_online

How the hell did I get here?

Lost in Confusion

We stood on top of the roof of my friend’s apartment building, peering out across the lit-up, somewhat hazy Berkeley nightscape, pacing from one edge to the next, side-to-side, looking and looking, seeing the fading traces of the blinking lights up on the hills, up on the dorm buildings, up
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When my sister was in seventh grade, she had two major obsessions (as most middle schoolers do): KPOP and Denmark. Both seem pretty random, and honestly, I understood the KPOP phenomena more than the Danish obsession. I quickly became familiar with Boyfriend and SHINee, but my knowledge of the Danish
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20 hours in Madrid

Twenty hours is not enough to marathon “Friends,” read the entire Harry Potter series or study for finals — and it’s definitely not long enough to spend in a foreign city. So when I did the math and realized that I had only 20 hours, including sleeping time, to spend in
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Jeanette Zhukov_online-final

Instagram in Paris

Off the Beat

With summer coming to a close, all that seems to be left is you flipping through the comment section of your Facebook album labeled “Summer 2015.” But school is starting, and now those precious hours previously dedicated to capturing where the light best hit the side of your chocolate croissant seem worthless as you’re studying for the ever-looming GRE.
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Journey through Armenia: a photo essay

This summer I embarked on my 14th trip to Armenia. Unlike past visits, this time I didn’t go with my family. Instead I went with friends on a mission to volunteer in my motherland. Located in the Southern Caucasus on the cusp of Europe and Asia, Armenia is one of the oldest
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Life lessons from Barcelona

The thing about going from London to Barcelona in July is that you don’t realize that you’d forgotten what heat really feels like. Even late at night, I might as well have stepped off the plane and into a sauna. Summers in London are mild and cloudy. Needless to say, that’s
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Iced coffee in Croatia

“In the mornings, we do not do the cold coffee,” Mateja explains to me in the tiny kitchen as I pour an inch of hot water over the instant coffee and sugar in my mug, add cold milk to it and then push it to the back of the fridge
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Slovenian supper

Family holidays aren’t for everyone, I thought, as I boarded a plane to Frankfurt last week. Somewhere in Europe, in the backseat of a nine-seater van where I’d be spending most of the next three weeks, I was going to find out if they were for me. After touching down in
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