My winter tour of 4 major European cities

Every winter, my family travels somewhere exotic. We’ve been everywhere from Jamaica to Costa Rica. This year, we decided to go somewhere different – Europe. As a stereotypical Los Angeles native, this winter trip to Europe was equivalent to an arctic expedition. Our first stop was Paris. First, we explored
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A Random Important Alumni

A really important random alumnus

When we’re given the responsibility speech by our parents at the tender age of 10, then again at 12 and 16, once more at 18 and for good measure at 21 — as if we hadn’t been drinking all this time — there is always some mention of following in
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Belgian Waffle

Vegging your way through Europe

As a pescatarian (someone who eats no meat other than fish), I was counting on losing a lot of weight while living in Scotland for a year. Haggis isn’t exactly a vegetarian-friendly dish. But when my friends and family welcome me home next week, they won’t be greeting the frail
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