USDA is a threat to a student district

The campaign for a student district is finally in its last stages. As the Dec. 31 deadline for the City Council to complete redistricting approaches, only two maps remain. The fact that both maps were produced by students and contain a student district is a testament to how far this campaign has come.
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The Student Action executive slate, with candidates Ryan Kang, Safeena Mecklai, Rafi Lurie and Chen-Chen Huo, along with a CalSERVE senate candidate, allegedly violated campaign bylaws.

Student Action announces executive candidates for the upcoming elections

Student Action announced its executive slate on Sunday night. ASUC senator Rafi Lurie will be its nominee for president. Senators Chen-Chen Huo and Ryan Kang will run as the party’s executive vice president and academic affairs vice president candidates, respectively. Safeena Mecklai is running for external affairs vice president.
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