Chasing a cliché

Lost in Translation

To all the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, blissfully ignorant, incoming freshmen, Only halfway through my first semester at Berkeley, during which I have never once stopped flailing along, inelegantly trying to get my shit sorted out, I really don’t think that I’m qualified enough to address you all. Now, if you wanted
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Comfortable in my hairy skin

In nearly 100-degree weather, I opted to wear dark wash skinny jeans. It brought me straight back to those cringe-worthy days in the PE locker room when I had to put my tight pants back on despite being caressed by sweat. I almost vowed to myself that I would never
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UC Berkeley through the eyes of baby bears

When you ask prospective freshmen what they think the first few weeks of college will feel like, you’re likely to receive similar answers: Frat parties, a group of friends they’ll magically connect with and a tickle of love for their newfound freedom. But things don’t always go as perfectly as imagined. And so we at the Clog went around
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Expectations versus reality: the perspective of your parents

If you weren’t the model goody two shoes back home, your parents have a reason to expect the worse of you once you’ve escaped their watch. After their constant strings of warning messages about how corruptive college is, we are here to provide your parents with some emotional clarity. While they’re lying
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Paralysis by analysis

Sex on Tuesday

Sleeping with someone for the first time is so terrifying. There’s this unspoken expectation that everything should go perfectly. I’ll take your shirt off and you’ll have a chiseled six pack, and we’ll come together while fireworks explode in the background. Thanks, Hollywood. The only image floating in my head
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