Pier 39

BART adventures: Embarcadero

We often forget that Berkeley is but a short hop, skip and jump from one of the largest cultural meccas in the United States — San Francisco. The easiest way to travel there for most UC Berkeley students is taking BART, so we at the Clog have decided to find fun
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More than 3.14 ways to celebrate Pi Day

Because it’s 2015 (if you’re into numbers), this could be the most special Pi Day you will ever live through. On Saturday at exactly 9:26.53 (both in the morning and at night), be sure you’re celebrating in some way. Not exactly sure what to do? We at the Clog have your back with
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7 low-key things to do in San Francisco

As adventurous as we Golden Bears are, trekking to San Francisco can sometimes seem daunting. With our hectic weeks and midterm frenzy, weekend hibernation time is essential. Besides, we’ve seen Fisherman’s Wharf, we’ve “aw-ed” at the sea lions, we’ve treated ourselves to free chocolate at Ghirardelli Square and we can
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