That time they exploded the hills

Urban Animal

In 2006, developers removed part of the Jurupa Hills to build a firebreak. A lot of people thought the Jurupa Hills were ugly. They are yellow-brown, not forest-green. Instead of trees and flowers, there are coyotes, snakes and barred-off caves with rivers of mercury. But I like the Jurupa Hills.
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Again, campus falls short

CAMPUS ISSUES: The campus’s failures responding to the Sept. 30 explosion, detailed in a recent report, suggest a recurring problem.

A report released earlier this month evaluating the campus’s response to the Sept. 30 explosion confirmed what many affected might have already suspected: UC Berkeley administrators’ shortcomings, which unnecessarily protracted the amount of time students were left trapped, panicked or confused, resulted from communication failure. By now, administrators’ communication breakdowns have
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We were left behind after the explosion

We are three of the five individuals who were directly affected by the explosion Sept. 30. We are still waiting for the university to give us answers and support as members of the Cal community. We are two undergraduates, one graduate student and employees of UC Berkeley. This is our
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An explosion here and bombs there

Tales of Two Cities

I was stuck in an elevator in Barrows for 88 minutes — and then there was a fireball on campus. It wasn’t as scary as it sounds, except for those two seconds in the elevator when I misunderstood the student worker who was helping us and thought she was informing us
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