Industry-sponsored research upholds UC commitment to public service, educational missions

Willow Yang/File

The Daily Californian’s recent piece about private-sector-sponsored research includes significant misrepresentations of both the financial implications of this type of research and how it is supportive of the University of California’s public interest missions. Specifically, this piece mischaracterizes why we seek funding from industry and their partnership in research, and
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Campus must be defended against hostile private interests

Although the threatened right-wing invasion devolved into the “most expensive photo-op in the university’s history,” this is unlikely to be the last attempt to disrupt our campus. There are lessons to be learned. Freedom of speech is one foundational principle of the public university. Academic freedom is another. Since 1964,
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Professor Pay-checker

The Daily Californian processed the last decade of payroll information for UC Berkeley faculty, creating the most complete, searchable database of professor and lecturer pay by campus department.
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Fixing the UC retirement system time bomb

UC students appreciate that faculty achievements have made their university among the very best in the world. Many also know that UC faculty members have long been underpaid compared to faculty members at our peer universities. Historically, however, lower salaries were balanced by a superb retirement system. In return for
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Open contradictions

UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS: The university’s recently passed open access research policy is at odds with the goals of the open access movement.

Earlier this summer, The Daily Calfornian wrote an editorial in support of the nationwide open access movement, which aims to make results of government-funded research freely available to the public online. On July 24, the UC Academic Senate proudly announced that beginning in November, anyone will be able to access
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What we miss (and don’t) about community college

It’s been almost a year since the transfer class of 2014 was admitted to Cal. The agonizing wait was finally over. We were done with community college! Senioritis kicked in a little early (transfer-itis?) as we prepared to leave our little lower-division haven — or hell — and enter the
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Bill would place added burden on UC faculty

Community service proposal in faculty tenure bill should not be mandated

Will the Harvards, Cal Techs and Stanfords out there change their tenure policy to match the UC? I doubt it. Why? Because it will place these schools at a competitive disadvantage for research funding. Placing an additional burden on the UC tenure-track faculty outside of the typical university norm would cause a faculty to commit additional time and resources and potentially distract that faculty from building up his or her laboratory, writing research grants and publishing his or her findings in scholarly journals. Is the groundbreaking work of an academic researcher not worthy enough service to the wider community?
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