Preparing for freshman year during the summer

We know that starting your freshman year at UC Berkeley can be anxiety ridden. You don’t want to do something hella embarrassing. (Don’t know what “hella” means? You’re in worse shape than we thought.) Sadly, you’re all doomed to some embarrassment your first semester, but we at the Clog are
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Not-so-dead-week: Naked Run fall 2014 [NSFW]

Know what two things go together perfectly? Studying and nudity. We know how studying apparently makes all of us Golden Bears feel sexually repressed, according to our Yik Yaks. So it’s a good thing that on Thursday, we had the opportunity to either participate in or witness the greatness that
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Delicious fall salad recipe

About this time every year, despite our best efforts to prove all the haters wrong and keep up the healthy productivity we worked so hard to institute at the start of the semester, we hopelessly fall into the dreaded fall daze. I mean, how can we continue to enjoy our extra
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7 ways to spook up your boring granola

With nearly half of the semester under our belts, we find ourselves time and time again falling for the known. We are, after all, creatures of habit — and no, we don’t mean creatures like Kreacher, as in the house elf from Harry Potter — although speaking of wizardry and ghoulish beings reminds
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It’s finally fall, and we’re super excited

With summer coming to an end and the fall semester in full swing, it already seems like it’s time to start giving up. But even though it might be getting harder to wake up on time and run to class, fall really isn’t so bad — especially here in Berkeley. Here’s a
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Off the beat: On loss and open wounds

Autumn is always the hardest time of the year for me. This I can say with a certainty that is shockingly absent from my life — I can hardly decide what to wear each day and can barely hold my laughter when people ask me what I want to do with my future, but I can say with authority that fall is the most heartbreaking season.
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Michelle Hornilla, from Long Beach, California, prefers Northern Californian over the hustle and bustle of SoCal.

Advice For Freshman Me

Michelle Hornilla: Learn how to procrastinate better.  The struggle gets real when you’re trying to finish that paper you put off writing to the very last minute, after a week long of goofing off and hanging out with friends.  To avoid this, buy a planner, and actually USE it.  Then,
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UC Berkeley guide to back to school

As summer comes to a close, the back-to-school jitters seem to be creeping in on all of us. Whether you’ll be coming to UC Berkeley for the very first time or for your last semester, we at The Daily Clog have some tips and secrets to get you into full
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