How to Welcome Week

The fall 2015 semester is right around the corner and although no one’s excited for Chem 3B or Math 1A to start, everyone’s excited for Welcome Week. After a summer away from our friends, a week of reconnecting, open frat parties and no class is just what everyone needs. For the
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Reasons we’re excited for school to start

The summer’s drawing to a close, and maybe some of you are appalled and sad when you check the date, but we’re ecstatic. We at the Clog can’t wait for the fall semester to start, and here are a few reasons why:   1. All of our friends come back
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Fashion Fridays: Back in the Swing of Things

As the summer of 2014, Welcome Week and the Labor Day weekend slowly slip into memory, it’s time for UC Berkeley students to get adjusted to yet another semester. Of course, getting adjusted includes acclimating to the Berkeley weather, notorious for its unpredictable sways in temperature. Here, UC Berkeley’s best-dressed demonstrate creative
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Late August: what to do if you are still waitlisted

The academic year is about to start, and if you’re finally off the waiting lists, we extend our sincere congratulations! We’re also extremely jealous. For those of you who just happen to be really unlucky with Tele-BEARS this time around, you’re probably still feeling a little bit anxious just waiting
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