Recipe for a night to remember: Salade nicoise

Did you invite your friends over for dinner, but haven’t actually thought of the main course yet? Or you told your date you would be cooking dinner at your place, but don’t really know how to cook? Then this is the recipe for you. Salade nicoise is a complete meal on
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Toast: When did you get so fancy?

It was only a short time ago that the “fancy toast” craze swept through San Francisco. It declared that toast was the latest newcomer in a long trend of transforming that which is, by definition, the thriftiest of items into something honored as “artisanal” or, rather, “craft.” “Artisanal” is so 2014. With the
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Off the beat: Berkeley on a Saturday night

“Separator” by Radiohead was whispering through my headphones, and it was that part where the guitar kicked in — one of those parts of a song that holds an indescribable sway. There was still some chocolate ice cream left to dry on the underside of my right forearm, and my face and shirt were slightly sticky with sweat.
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