The Hunger for Madness

Vik-Tory Lap


I genuinely believe that building a bracket and betting on it is arguably the worst thing for basketball, because the financial incentive takes the humanity out of sports.
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Rogue Mold: (Sort of) a Star Wars Story

Last year on the Sunday night before Dead Week, I walked into my residence hall and something felt wrong. No, something smelt wrong. It was like the soggy fur of a tauntaun that had just sprinted through 10,000 parsecs of bantha fodder, only to take an unjustifiably long dip in
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Feeling warm and furry

“Come for the fur, stay for the hugs.” This is the slogan we work out 20 minutes into a discussion with three self-described “furries” — members of the fandom known for their animal-inspired costumes (and huge conventions across the country) but are still waiting for a multifaceted portrayal in popular
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Dickens makes you a dick

Name-dropping famous authors that you don’t actually know or read or love in a conversation actually reflects negatively on your intelligence, because eventually, if you talk to someone who actually knows his or her shit, the impression you make isn’t a very good one. You come off as pretentious at best and as an Edna at worst.
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