A winning combination of traditional Italian flavors, the "Dar Poeta" is sure to please.

The pizza pilgrimage

Simply put, it is impossible to come to Italy without dedicating a good 30 percent of your time to enjoying the local cuisine. Truth be told, I probably spend about half of my day in the company of food of some variety, and more often than not, it’s pizza. Sure,
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Protesters crowded outside of the Bank of America on Shattuck Avenue in support of the Occupy Berkeley movement.  Occupy Berkeley was created in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Coverage of Occupy Berkeley

While Occupy Cal at UC Berkeley and nearby Occupy Oakland have garnered national media attention, the city of Berkeley’s Occupy movement has remained for the most part under the radar. However, Occupy Berkeley has been active for more than two months now, and its encampment — set up at Martin Luther
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Protests rooted in imagery and opportunity

While many of the Occupy protests have focused on fighting the negative effects of socioeconomic inequality, to define the Occupy movement in a sentence, or an article, would be contradictory to its purpose. What the movement has been is a movement of real images, images that captured raw emotion of
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Tents set up by members of Occupy Berkeley dot the grass at Martin Luther King Park in Downtown Berkeley.

Occupy Berkeley continues but stands at ideological crossroads

Nationwide, encampments established as part of the Occupy movement have been sites of conflict and unrest, often resulting in clashes with city officials and local law enforcement. Occupy Berkeley is an exception, though, and some say the lack of resistance to the camp’s existence from the institutions it opposes has
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