Court of appeals hears CTIA, city of Berkeley case

On Tuesday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit heard arguments for and against nonprofit organization CTIA ­– The Wireless Association’s appeal of a U.S. district judge’s decision to allow a disputed Berkeley ordinance to pass.
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Is striking down net neutrality a bad thing?

Why would anyone possibly doubt the value of net neutrality? The core idea is simple: The network should treat all packets of information that travel across it equally. If you are a network provider, such as Comcast, you can’t slow down packets that carry Netflix movies to their subscribers just
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Pilar Huerta - Opinion Blog Writer

Third dimensions of a flat kind

Savage Heart Murmurs

While high school nostalgia, or Vegas, wasted most of us during spring break, my parents’ brand new high-definition plasma TV radiated all the real-time exhibitionism I could handle during five days of Oregon rain (and fresh crab!). Recovering from Craig Ferguson’s camera-tapping into my bereft soul, I concluded that the
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BART adopts cellphone disruption policy

Following controversy over Bay Area Rapid Transit officials’ decision to cut all cellphone communication at multiple stations in August to prevent a protest, BART Board of Directors adopted a policy this week to only interrupt service under “extraordinary circumstances.” At its meeting Thursday, the board approved a policy that defined
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Protesters march past Powell Street station in downtown San Francisco accompanied by San Francisco Police Department officers on Monday evening.

Demonstrators prompt shutdown of two BART stations

Two Bay Area Rapid Transit subway stations in San Francisco temporarily closed multiple times Monday evening due to a second protest denouncing BART’s decision to cut cellphone service during an unrelated demonstration earlier this month. The Powell and Civic Center BART stations closed several times throughout the evening since the
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Protesters demonstrate in San Francisco in response to a recent BART decision.

Protests prompt closure of several BART stations

BART’s controversial decision to cut underground cellphone service during an attempted protest last week has since resulted in a breach of the transit agency’s computer system, another protest and a federal investigation. Organized by the group No Justice No BART, the first protest was scheduled for Aug. 11 to denounce
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