Letters to the editor

Mind the Gap

Hey there, they showed us “Singin’ in the Rain” at our film screening tonight and then it rained while I walked home; it made my life feel cinematic.
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2017 Oscar Predictions

Some of the most fun during the Oscars season comes in the predictions phase. With records tied and broken during nominations morning, the slate of films and talent up for Oscars is as fascinating as it’s been in years. While there is a long wait from the January announcement until
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Onstage: 2012 Oscars Nominees in Theater

With all the Oscars hype (after all, they are coming up this Sunday), I thought I might jump on the bandwagon from a theater-goer’s perspective. So this post is dedicated to some of the 2012 lead and supporting actor nominees that have done memorable work on the stage as well.
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