Welcome back, upperclassmen

We can remember our first day at Berkeley just as if it were yesterday — the Campanile bells chiming, the students on bikes whizzing past us, the trees lining Sproul Plaza bursting with green leaves. As some of us enter into our third and fourth years at UC Berkeley, we
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Warm weather drink guide

It seems like Mother Nature has gifted us a Valentine’s Day present in the form of some warmer weather. Take advantage of the warmth and the sunshine and go explore the many cafes in and around Berkeley. Grab your cold drink, cool down and take a leisurely stroll while enjoying
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Places to get a chocolate milkshake

Celebrate Cal Football’s win with a chocolate milkshake! Additionally, you can take solace in the fact that we’re currently expecting a heat wave. So you better head over to one of these establishments and get a refreshing drink. CREAM CREAM sells things besides ice cream sandwiches? Yes. Enough said. Saturn
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Perfect restaurants for every birthday celebration

Every birthday calls for a unique celebration. But the thing about birthdays is … they happen every year — and to all of your friends. It can get difficult to think of new things to do and, especially, new places to eat. So we’re here to help you change it
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6 things to have on your Berkeley bucket list

As Berkeley students, we have certain things that are just expected of us. We’re not talking about grades or careers. Oh no, we have our sights set toward much more interesting goals. Exploring the best of the Bay Area and our very own city has to offer is a must
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The Clog’s Summer Bucket List

Four years flies by far too quickly, leaving us with barely enough time to accomplish all we want to do in Berkeley. That’s why the Clog has compiled a summer bucket list. Start now and participate in some of the hippest, chilliest, coolest, swaggiest, Cloggiest, you-don’t-want-to-miss-these things to do before you graduate.
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