CAAMFest 2013 Preview

Every March for the past 30 years, the festival has showcased hundreds of films, proving to be the country’s most vital source for Asian cinema. This year the festival seems to offer a healthy balance of documentaries, shorts and narratives.
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Tokyo drama plot drags

‘Like Someone in Love’ feels incomplete yet is compelling

What do you get when you cross an Iranian filmmaker, French co-producers and an all-Japanese cast? Thankfully, it’s not a punchline, but it’s not exactly a tour de force either.
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Film Fridays: Veil Pun Here

This week, Californians were at the center of the latest episode in the uncomfortable and seemingly endless debate about depictions of the prophet Mohammed. The question of how to depict the prophet and his followers — if you are to depict them at all — has been argued back and
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thomas coughlan column mug

Custom Screening: Tootsie Pops and the city

In television terms, this column is a pilot…” is the opening statement I have arrived at as I reluctantly minimize the iTunes window that has been indulging my procrastination for the last two hours with back-to-back “Sex and the City” episodes. Remember that moment in “Pulp Fiction” when Jules tells
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A Cinephile’s Journey to New York City

I’m not sure if Americans realize this, but the United States is one of the most surreal places for a foreigner to travel to. American culture, particularly cinema has an unparalleled global reach. I watch more American films in a year than my country has produced in its entire history.
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An interview with Werner Herzog

In the Thursday, November 10 issue of The Daily Cal, I wrote on German director Werner Herzog’s latest film, the documentary “Into the Abyss.” In addition to seeing the film, I also had the pleasure of speaking with the director at the Four Seasons in San Francisco. Here you will
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Notes from the Underground

2011 Oakland Underground Film Festival

“You are the underground,” declared the emcee of the 2011 Oakland Underground Film Festival to a small audience of film lovers, performers and a few canine friends intimately huddled in an East Oakland warehouse. In its third year, the festival has become not only a place to celebrate offbeat cinema,
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