The course evaluation makeover that we all need and deserve

The end of a course always comes with the same recipe for closure: There’s the reliable last-ditch effort for participation points, the nearly late final project submission and the good old course evaluation. We appreciate these evaluations, and not just because they present the perfect opportunity to waste 15 minutes
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Berkeley School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

We’re all too familiar with the scenario of having to trek through four floors of Main Stacks with three bags hanging off our shoulders and a large stack of books under one arm in a bleak attempt to search for an open seat. It takes a miracle and a half
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Found poem: overheard on campus

We’ve all been guilty of eavesdropping on people’s conversations while we’re walking to class, sitting at the library or standing in line for coffee. Because we at the Clog are some of the most curious folk you’ll find, we put in some extra effort to catch lines of random conversations from
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Jamin Kim-Sanders/Staff

A freshman’s reflections on dead week

When I first heard about dead week, I thought it was a joke. I couldn’t believe that there was an entire week dedicated to studying. When I realized that it was real, I was incredibly relieved — having an entire week to do nothing but study would definitely reduce my
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