How to trick yourself into studying

For some people, there are times when it’s difficult to find the motivation to study. For other people, the motivation never even arrives. That’s why some of us need to invent ways to study without actually feeling like we’re studying, kind of like how Daniel-san learns karate just by waxing
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How to multitask while studying for finals

Studying for finals is already tough, and just because we have to study doesn’t mean we can neglect our other needs, right? These are incredibly important tasks we’re talking about, so without further ado, we at the Clog present to you a list of things you can do while studying to kill
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Tiny victories on way to finish line

We’ve come a long way since syllabus week and are proudly standing at mile marker 24.5 in the marathon of the semester. We’re finally able to see the finish line in the distance, and victory is within reach. All that stands between us and the sweet taste of freedom is a
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Five melodies for the dead end

1.  “Started From The Bottom” — Drake Indeed, after RRR week Spring 2016 happened, nothing was the same. We don’t like to do too much explainin’ , as we have realized by now that whining is not going to get us anywhere.  It’s been all about working days and nights in an attempt to validate for
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