Finals week sucks: 3 things to cheer you up

It’s here. Finals week has finally begun, and we’re not going to lie — it sucks. If you were good and studied throughout dead week, we applaud you. But those of you who are more procrastination-prone are probably having an anxiety attack just thinking about the three consecutive nights you’ll
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Sleep, Study, Party: UC Berkeley Edition

We’ve all heard the warning. As college students, we’ve been told that we have to choose between sleeping, good grades and a social life. (If you haven’t, click here.) But we at the Daily Clog think Cal students are bright enough to juggle all three. We even made an infographic that’ll
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Summer TV … or a lack thereof

Have you ever noticed how all our favorite TV shows seem out to get us? They lure us in with the promise of entertainment, all the while anticipating and plotting our academic downfall. It’s the work of evil geniuses, we swear. Okay, so we sound like a ridiculous new type
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